Doris Buffett Legacy Foundation

Doris Buffett Legacy Foundation, formerly Sunshine Lady Humanitarian Grants Program, is a private, family foundation that continues Doris Buffett’s legacy of giving “until the last check bounces". Our grantmaking is done as a continuation of and tribute to Doris's history of giving.

Doris Buffett Legacy Foundation consists of three programs: Humanitarian Grants Program, Vermont Covered, and Learning by Giving.

We do not accept requests for funding at this time.

Humanitarian Grants Program

Humanitarian Grants Program (HGP) works with nonprofit partners who continue the work Doris valued.

Vermont Covered

Doris advocated for and funded initiatives related to: education, access to medical care, and closing the opportunity gap. The pandemic highlighted how rural communities have been left behind as the world moves to online education, remote work, and telemedicine. Vermont exemplifies how a rural population lacking high speed internet impacts opportunity and advancement.

All Vermonters should have the connection to participate fully and have the opportunities offered in our increasingly digital world. Vermont Covered works with communities throughout Vermont to advocate for and create access to broadband and wireless broadband.

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Learning by Giving

Founded by Doris Buffett, Learning by Giving inspires and educates a new generation of philanthropists and community leaders to effectively distribute capital to local communities.

As of January 1, 2024, Learning by Giving Foundation merged under Doris Buffett Legacy Foundation to become the Learning by Giving program.

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