Linda Henry's Interviews with Doris' Family and Friends

After Doris' death, her friend and fellow philanthropist Linda Henry interviewed a number of people that Doris influenced throughout her life. Whether they knew Doris personally or are charged with carrying out her vision, they all are an important part of Doris' legacy. Hear what they had to say here.


Sam Kennedy and Lidia Zayas

Watch Sam Kennedy, CEO of the Boston Red Sox and Lidia Zayas, Program Specialist for the Red Sox Foundation talk about Doris' impact on the Red Sox Scholars Program and on both of them


Sallie Krawcheck

Watch Sallie Krawcheck, Co-Founder of Ellevest talk about how Doris' belief in putting money in the hands of women inspired her and improved communities.


Lauren Kennedy

Watch Lauren Kennedy, Co-Founder of Neighborhood Villages talk about how Doris' commitment to early childhood education paved the way for many.


Jean Schmitz

Watch Jean Schmitz, Doris' best friend tell stories about their childhood antics and Doris' clear leadership qualities.


Wyndham Robertson

Watch Wyndham Robertson, the first Assistant Managing Editor for Fortune Magazine talk about Doris' trail-blazing approach to both life and philanthropy.


Harriet Gordon

Watch Harriet Gordon, a former volunteer and staff member at Doris' Letters Foundation in Boston talk about the experience of supporting people who have fallen on a hard time with grants.